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General information on mating conditions and fees:

The breed, its health and concerns (e.g. trainability, natural abilities, harmonious appearance) should always have priority in breeding, which should also be reflected in the breeding conditions as well as the breed selection.

In principle, mating dogs that do not have all the health tests required for the breed should be avoided. You can only avoid or assess risks if you know them!
It is also important here that one also considers the home country of the dogs, because some diseases that do not play a major role in this country can (still or already) occur in the lines from other countries/continents, such as PDP 1, MH or IVDD etc.

Not only the breeder, but also the stud dog owner should have a clear conception of which breeding goal....which bitches are suitable for his/her male(s)!

Regarding mating fees......We know exactly what costs befit (hormone tests to determine the right mating time, travel and accommodation costs, possible salary losses, etc.) - in addition to mating fees and the anyway necessary health and breeding suitability tests - on a breeder who does not use his own or the next best male, but visits with his bitch the most suitable stud male in terms of health, temperament, trainability.
This is regardless of whether the mating happens or the mating is successful or not.

Unfortunately, it is the rule with many stud dog owners not only to demand a possible expense allowance but the full stud fee, regardless of the success of the stud act. Often this leads to breeders trying to minimize the risk,... they avoid long journeys and "new" stud dogs (who have not yet had offspring) or making compromises on health, etc., ....which is not an advantage with such a small gene pool of the breed.
The risk of a mating should - "for the benefit of the breed"** - not only be borne by the breeder, but also by the stud dog owner.
We share this opinion with other breed enthusiasts.

A mating fee would only due with the success of a mating act - after reaching the handover age - and the amount should depend on the litter size. Only from a litter of 4 puppies the full mating fee (puppy price) would become due, smaller litters only charged pro rata.

If chilled or frozen semen is shipped, the costs for collection, evaluation, a possible expense allowance, shipment etc. must be paid by the breeder immediately - the mating fee would only due after the puppies are born.

"Breeding" should not degenerate into a business!
Love for the breed, the dogs, their nature, abilities and natural abilities and learning from and about them should come first....for breeders and stud dog owners alike.

** "for the benefit of the breed"....... of some "breeders" often stressed - especially when it comes to handover their dogs that are unsuitable for breeding or no longer suitable for breeding in order to make room for new ones - but in this case nevertheless absolutely inappropriate statement and attempt at justification.



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