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We attach great importance to a rearing amongst the 2 and 4 legged family, in the house and garden, with
enough movement and activity as well a naturally, varied feeding of the mother and the puppies.

The handover of the puppies should not be before the 10th week, because it is proved that a
longer time with the mother is very positive for the behavior and the health of the puppies.

Up to the time when the puppies move out to their new homes we try to give them the best start in life......all that
what is necessary and sensible for imprinting and socialization.

All puppies are checked by the vet before they leave, are regularly wormed and vaccinated.
If e.g. entry requirements require that the little ones stay longer with us is no problem for us - on the contrary!

We do not give any of our puppies to commercial breeders and / or in kennel keeping!

Our puppies leave with:

Puppy folder: Pedigree (FCI), export pedigree (if required)
Copies of all health tests of parents & ancestors (if available) etc.

EU Pet Passport with all vaccinations

with Microchip ID number and documentation

Feeding guidelines and a starter pack (food, toy, collar & leash)


Blanket that smells of mum and the other puppies

The most important items – so we hope – we have responded. Further questions about the breed or regarding
to our puppies we will gladly answer by phone or email, too.

Because this can’t substitute a personal talk / to become acquainted with one another – what we require before hand over of the puppies:

We are pleased about visits of the puppy-interested, but we please you to make an appointment by phone or email before!

**If one understands them .....Clumbers are an absolute joy, whether in the field, at the sport or in everyday life for family,” They make you laugh......simply brighten your day,.....every day!**


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